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About –

Our work is intelligent, distilled, timeless, and local. 

Rain city architecture was started by Clint Bailey with the purpose of providing excellent design with a fun and easy process.   Clint has a Master’s of Architecture from Montana State University and has a range of experience that covers everything from world class K-12 education facilities, to minor kitchen remodels, quaint coffee shops, to multi-million dollar residences.  Clint is an award winning licensed Architect that truly enjoys working with people.  His creativity, in depth knowledge of process, and use of cutting edge technologies in his designs sets him apart from his field.


Why Hire an Architect –

Architects think about space in a different way than most people.  We have a unique way of seeing and visualizing space that allows us to come up with possibilities that you may never think of on your own.  While space planning is one of the most important things that we can help you with, as it can literally affect your everyday life, it is far from the only reason to hire an architect.

Architects are also experts in the permitting process.  Most building projects require a building permit from the jurisdiction that the project is in.  We go through this process over and over and thus know all of it’s ins and outs.  Having a qualified Architect to guide you through this often-tedious process can be invaluable. 

Architects are building systems experts.  We know and love to think about how buildings come together.  How this gets applied to your project is through construction documents.  These are a level above permit drawings and contain lots of information that the contractor will need to build the project. 

Architects are always your advocate.  Throughout the design, permitting, and construction process, the Architect’s main role is to act as the Owner’s advocate.  We represent your interests to all other parties (ie. contractors, municipalities, and other consultants like engineers) along the way and do so from a seat of knowledge and experience about the building process.